About Me

Hello! My name is Wesley (Wes) Barnhart, and I am a fourth-year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program (APA Accredited) at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). I earned a B.A. in psychology with honors and research distinction at Ohio State University in 2016 (Senior Thesis: Reward Processing and Risky Decision Making in College Students With and Without Self-Reported Disordered Eating Behaviors, advised by Melissa T. Buelow, Ph.D.). I also earned a B.S. in systems/behavioral neuroscience with honors at Ohio State University in 2019 while employed as a Clinical Research Assistant (2016 – 2019) with the Ohio Disability and Health Program, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded program whose primary goal is to improve the health of Ohioans with disabilities. More recently, I earned a M.A. in clinical psychology at BGSU in 2021 (Thesis: Food-Specific and General Cognitive Control Variables Moderate Relations Between Emotion Dysregulation and Eating Pathology: Cross-Sectional Findings in an Online Community Sample of Adults with Overweight/Obesity, advised by Abby L. Braden, Ph.D.). Starting June 2023, I will be a Research Fellow at the Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (advised by TBD).

At BGSU, I work in Finding Balance in Emotions and Eating. To learn more, please see Research.